Lookie what I just got FOR FREE:


This is a $30.00 a brand new Wipeout video game for Wii that my son wants for his birthday which is in just a few weeks. It cost me nothing. I didn’t even pay shipping because Amazon offers free shipping on orders $25 or over.

Now THIS is a great kind of freebie to get and all it took me was about a month of accumulating Swagbucks by clicking my mouse. I did not buy anything. I did not pay anybody. It was easy and painless. Just so you know-Swagbucks offers way more prizes to choose from, I just happened to pick Amazon because they had what I needed and they offer the free shipping. As you can see, Swagbucks is a great way to pay for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, etc. with no money out of pocket. I usually accumulate 50-100 Swagbucks a day, sometimes a lot more, without spending any money.

Here is how:

First off you should know that Swagbucks is a search engine that pays you to use their site. Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google and Ask. All you have to do is just register with Swagbucks and instead of searching the Internet as you normally would using your usual search engine, you use theirs. It is that easy.

When you register with Swagbucks you do not need to give out any address, phone number or even any credit card info. Pretty cool, huh? When you register, you’re already started out with 30 Swagbucks in your account. Sweet, huh? After you are registered go fill out your PROFILES section for even more Swagbucks.

I then suggest downloading the Swagbucks toolbar because it’s a great source of free codes and you can always see your Swagbuck balance. Oh, they also give you a free Swagbuck daily just for having the toolbar too!

Once you have the toolbar, just enter your search terms into the search box as you would with any search engine. You’ll get your search results and every so often you’ll also be rewarded with Swagbucks. There’s no special way to search to win and there are no certain number of searches that you need to make to win. It seems to be a completely random process. You won’t win with every search, but you will win at times. You’ll know that you’ve won Swagbucks when you get something that looks like THIS:



That was a HUGE one to win and it was not even Mega Swagbucks Friday! You’ll earn a different number of Swagbucks each time you win, the amounts are rarely the same and can vary from 5 to as many as 50-100 on Fridays because that is MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY! On Fridays the search awards are usually the higher amounts if you are lucky. I once won 47 for a search! That was cool! Those randomly-awarded Swagbucks add up pretty quick in your account.

If you downloaded the Swagbucks toolbar (you should!) you’ll sometimes see messages from The Swag Guy. It will be under the “From TSG” section in the toolbar, and it will look like this.



Click the icon as soon as you see a new message-meaning a number there in place of the usual 0. If you are lucky you will snag the bonus code before it expires and grab you some bonus Swagbucks. After you have copied the code, just go to the front page of the Swagbucks site , paste the code where it says GIMMIE and you get your Swagbucks!

Be sure to click on the Trusted Surveys link to get your daily free Swagbuck, as well as the Daily Poll. If you are lucky there will be a survey available for you to take for more free Swagbucks. Those amounts vary depending on the survey available.

Everyday you can go to the Special Offers tab and look through the No Obligation Offers section. You don’t have to sign up for anything, but you will win a Swagbuck just for looking through them.

You can also refer your friends to Join Swagbucks and earn. When you are a member you will also get a referral link for your own account. Be sure to share your link because you will get bonus Swagbucks for it.

Oh and be sure to check their blog a few times a day because the folks at Swagbucks like to hide codes in their postings there. If you have a Face book account and a Twitter account, they also like to stash a few codes here and there too!

Lastly, if you do any shopping through the internet, always be sure to check if there is a link through Swagbucks to shop through. Usually you could get 2 Swagbucks for every dollar you spend through their link. I made the mistake of buying something online before checking out Swagbucks. I lost 140 Swagbucks because I didn’t check first. That hurt. The cool thing is that a lot of the good deals that I post on my twitter deal box in the upper left hand side of my site usually have a thing going with Swagbucks too! Talk about maxing out your great deals! So.. rule of thumb here, always check with Swagbucks first before shopping online.

Like I mentioned when I first started my blog, I am not out to make money off of it. You will not find any affiliate links or advertisements here at all. I only post about great deals or freebies that I would or have done myself because I just want to help other Frugalistas out there get the most for their money… However… ;)

I do have one tiny exception to this link thing. If you are so inclined, I would like to get a Swagbuck referral from you if you have not joined this fantastic freebie program yet. Click on the widget below to join:



If my Swagbucks totals are showing a low count, it is probably because I just cashed in a bunch of them. They will build up again soon enough. What that widget does not show is the gift cards that I have purchased with my Swagbucks. As soon as I can redeem them, I do and keep them active in my account that does not show up here like my current available Swagbucks do. In just a couple of months of doing this I have gotten many Amazon gift certificates which I am now stockpiling for Christmas shopping.

If you do not wish to give me credit, that is fine too, you can just go to the main Swagbucks site to sign up. Either way you are off to getting some fantastic freebies and making your money stretch which is what this whole blog is about anyways, right? ;)

No go forth and SWAG!


    Here is my first Swagbucks post below:


I’m now a believer

I joined a while back and thought it was too hard to accumulate any Swagbucks so I never did anything with it. When I started check out all kinds of frugal sites on the web I kept hearing about Swagbucks and why you should join, and all of the cool free stuff you could get. I kept thinking that if all of these frugal sites were touting it’s wonderfulness, that there has to be something I am missing. Boy was I right. There are codes all over the place and even if you do not pay for a single thing you can earn enough to grab some cool prizes in a very short time. Sure it will take a little longer, but since I am on the web every single day anyways I am not going out of my way really to earn Swagbucks.

Although I didn’t start my blog to make money off of it (I won’t add any advertising to it, I just wanted a place to share my frugality and my faith in God) , I would appreciate it if you are considering signing up for Swagbucks that you please click on the Swagbucks picture below. I know I get credit for it, but honestly have no idea how much. Hey, like I said, every little thing helps! :)

You get 3 Swagbucks a day just for #1) signing in, #2) taking a 1 question poll, and #3) using the Swagbucks toolbar. Then sometimes in their toolbar they will post Swagcodes that you can enter that vary in value, but are completely free. You can do searches from their toolbar that are randomly rewarded with varying amounts of Swagbucks and you can fill out your survey profile for even more. Taking surverys that pop up on your survey panel are a great way to make your Swagbucks add up fast.

Like I said, at first I thought it was too much of a pain, but now I am a true believer in Swagbucks. Try it out and sign up, you have nothing to lose and lots of free stuff to gain! I plan to get Amazon Gift Certificates (only 450 Swagbucks for a $5 one!) afterall, Christmas is almost here. ;)

Search & Win